My Dream Lover: A Romance Novel With a Sci-Fi Twist by David Navarria

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About My Dream Lover

My Dream Lover is a romance book with a science fiction twist. It begins as a coming-of-age story about a young man named Robert Bryant and his younger sister Emily: strangers in a new town in 1953. Born a genius with exceptional coordination, Robert excels at sports in high school. However, due to his nature, Robert struggles with the concept of love and only maintains short, casual relationships. Years later, Robert finds the passion of love where he least expected. But things in his life change suddenly, which propel him into a world of betrayal, deceit, and treachery as Robert struggles to reunite with his one true love. Along the way, Robert discovers a dark past and things about himself, which accounts for how he became the way he is. Will Robert reunite with his one true love or forfeit love forever? Only time will tell in this romantic story with a sci-fi twist.Contact David Navarria author of My Dream Lover, A story of romance, treachery, murder, and deceipt